Wake up, Sleepy head. We’ve got work to do.

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What’s the best way to wake up a stubborn person to get the most out of them?

This is basically what my life’s work consists of. Figuring this out.

People full of unique potential who are stuck in their own ways and need to be shaken to wake up and take advantage of the gift and talents that the universe has bestowed upon them.

Trouble is, it turns out that not many people actually want to live a life doing what they love. Or so it seems.

I can probably count on one hand, people I personally know (and I like to think I know a pretty decent number of humans) that are actually living a life of pursuing work that matters to them.

It’s absolutely bonkers to me.

What it tends to come down to is one of 2 things: lack of belief or pure laziness.

Some disguise it with “I have no idea where to start…”

I get that. I have been there with many things, such as writing a book. Especially when you’ve never written one in your entire life.

But you know what uncovered one step and then the next and then the next and then the next? Action.

Action discovers more action. Action breeds action.

Stuck is generally a result of inaction.

Example: my brain place says, “dominique! You need to write a book on overcoming excuses and pursuing your dreams!”
Me in response to myself: “dominique! That’s absolute insane. What would you even call it?”
My brain: “So What!”
Me: “okaaaay. That’s not a bad title. But what the heck would I say?! How do I even get started?”
My brain on my drive to work that day: *information being downloaded to my brain at an overwhelming rate*
Me: “Ok, what next? Do I just data dump?”
My brain: start with a skeleton of chapter breakouts of the main points

Then chapter breakouts led to a skeleton of a book. Then I did a whole bunch of research on how to write a book. Learned that I need a book proposal to create clarity. Made one. Did some writing (by “some” I mean a WHOLE LOT). Started by practicing with a blog. Developed my voice. Asked people lots of questions. Learned more. Learned I needed a Literary Agent. Currently looking for one.

The point is, I didn’t stop. Even when I had no clue what to do.

Taking action will always uncover more action.

Sometimes too much action. Action that will make me distracted. And then I have to get back on track.

Today, people want the results without the action. Generally, laziness disguised as a limiting belief or vice versa.

Here’s the deal. Just START somewhere.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I have realized that regardless of WHEN I finish, I WILL finish as long as I keep going. It doesn’t have to be on a specific date by a specific year and hit this gigantically overwhelming milestone. I will get there when I get there as long as I keep taking action.

Are goals and milestones good? Sure, deadlines are helpful to assess progress. But I can’t live or die by them. Or make myself think, “There’s no way I am going to get this done by then!” And then do nothing at all. Because why even keep going?

And that’s where I needed to throw cold water on my face to wake myself up.

Why? Why do I need to be done by a certain date? Sure having praise and accolades would be super cool but there’s literally no answer other than, because “maybe I’ll never finish.”


That’s a possibility. If I die tomorrow, I definitely won’t finish. So that could be the result whether I take action or not. But If I do continually take action and I don’t die tomorrow or some other crazy thing doesn’t intervene…I’ll hit it.

And so, resume action. Always.

When we take action, we will inevitably run into the next step. Just like driving to my Mom’s house. Eventually, If I keep driving, I will have to turn out of my neighborhood and keep driving. When I get to the stop sign, if I don’t turn right, I won’t get there. But I know I need to turn right. And if I didn’t know, I can ask Siri. Or call my Mom and ask her. Or find a map with her address on it. There are actually many ways to find out and discover what the next step is. And then, I leave the stop sign and keep driving towards her house. Until I get there.

We are terrified to do anything without knowing all of the exact steps of how to do it. And so we don’t even try. Inaction. Stuck.

But here’s my thought:

What a boring life.

And so, I will spend my life taking action in finding ways to wake you up.

Some, I might need to jolt you awake. Some I might shout at. But, some I might have to do it gently, lovingly and maybe entice you with the aroma of a delicious breakfast. Then once we are there, we can have a great conversation about your thoughts, fears, limitations and what it will take to get you to take some action.

What I do know…is that I am tired of talking to myself about it. I’m already convinced you are great. Let me convince you. I mean, who doesn’t like hearing how great they are?

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