Waiting for permission, limiting beliefs and other things that hold us back.

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It happens pretty often. I am in the middle of trying to figure something out, to get a task accomplished at work and then finally I have to yell (not because I’m mad but because “yell” is normal volume level for me), “Kenny!” Kenny confidently strolls into the office, knowing he has the answer to whatever it is that I am going to need in that moment. Then I tend to say something like, “I need figure out some form that lists blah blah blah and can we make it look pretty?” Inevitably, he has it completed in less than an hour and all of my pressure is removed and I can get on with my life. Kenny is incredible. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

We may not all have a Kenny. And for me, Kenny isn’t always around. Sometimes I do have to figure things out on my own. Sometimes I just give up. We all have.

Like the time I considered trying out for the Volleyball team in high school and realized I could not hit the ball in a specific direction, ever. Or when I thought it would be a great idea to learn how to change my own oil to save some money and then realized there were too many steps to the process and rather than learn and try, I gave up. I never even asked for help. It just seemed too difficult in my mind, so I convinced myself it wasn’t worth it.

But then, there were those times where I have sought help, I am sure you’ve had them yourself. Where you are initially eager to learn this new skill or challenge and somebody, with their own experience, is attempting to set you up for success and shares their way of getting it done. And for some reason, either in the way they present it, or in the way that we chose to hear it, what was explained was the only way to do it. And that is the way that it must be done.

But the truth is, that’s a lie.

And for some reason we have convinced ourselves and held on to these methods that are actually limitations.

These limitations prevent us from innovating and they prevent us from being ourselves; from doing things the way that makes the most sense in our on minds. It prevents us from getting the most out of an opportunity.

One of the most inhibiting limits that I have both witnessed and experienced myself on several occasions, is convincing ourselves that we need permission.

We don’t!

You do not!

I do not!

Waiting for permission to do something of betterment or improvement is insane. Why would we give that kind of power to others? Majority of that is rooted in fear. Fear of what others might say or think. Fear of hearing “no.” Fear of failing. We need to stop looking for a security blanket. Risk is risk. It isn’t risk without pushing the limits.

So let’s figure this out.

Let’s ask ourselves, how are we limiting ourselves? Am I too dependent on **insert name of your Kenny**? Am I convincing myself something is too hard and prematurely giving up? Did I allow somebody to convince me there is only one way to get something done and I might have a better way? Or am I just waiting around for permission before I take some action?

At the end of the day, nobody else is going to do the work for us. It’s your dream and your life, remember? Not somebody else’s. You will need to do the work. You will need to find the resources. You’ll need to remind yourself that it’s worth it (and for the things that aren’t, stop wasting time on them). You are the only one who needs to give yourself permission.

Don’t wait for somebody else. Don’t wait for the “right time.” Anything new or scary will never feel like it’s the “right time.” There is infinite opportunity out there, with only few who actually make the leap.

Live without limits. I give you permission. 😉

Now it’s your turn.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for permission, limiting beliefs and other things that hold us back.

  1. Ugh…. I’m in a spot in my life where I am trying to figure out “what’s next?”….. Do I get a different job in Flag? Do I move back to Vegas? Do I get a traveling job and go see the country? The world?

    I keep stalling. I keep running ideas by people looking for approval.

    I needed this.

    1. You got this. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves where we want our lives to be 5 years from now. That will help us make decisions for the now. Then execute. Take action. No more hesitation. You got this.

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