The stench of arrogance.

The stench of arrogance, respirator mask, arrogance is toxic

It’s potent.

Have you ever had that moment where you’re in the middle of a conversation with somebody and you say a response that just slips off your tongue, instantly causing regret while also making you sound like an arrogant asshole?

If so, you’re not alone.

I particularly remember a moment a couple of years ago. A friend was sharing some very personal things with me where she had been struggling. I listened, encouraged her, gave her some advice then after her saying thank you, I said some stupid comment about being in a season where I was able to help others.


It helped nothing. It made me want to slap myself in the face later and I am sure did nothing to help her feel any better about her situation.

When people are taking the risk to be honest and vulnerable with us, nothing should ever be said that in someway puts yourself above their situation.

Because we are not.

Arrogance is rancid and palpable.

It is this need to showcase ourselves as better than another. So in some weird way, we can have the upper hand.

I think many of us do this for different reasons. Whether that be to gain control, to look good to others, to mask our own insecurities and somehow make ourselves feel better. Either way, it’s gross.

Let’s not forget that old Proverb, “Pride comes before the fall.”

Let’s stop. Let’s encourage. Let’s show belief, love and empathy. Let’s have humility because one day we may be sitting in the same chair. I know I have.

Regardless of where our current world affairs lie, this can start with us. Humility is not weakness. It takes tremendous intention and care for others. A discipline far more difficult and selfless than walking in arrogance.

Let’s be the change.

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