It may be time to rethink your “hope.”

Hope is an odd thing.

We all have it. Hope for something; something better, something new, something familiar.

And the thing is, unless we attain it, our heart, it hurts.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” An old Proverb says.

We can even try to silence this hope. Or even attempt to fulfill it with other things, but the longing is always there.

Over time we may have even convinced ourselves that it is no longer worth it, to continue to hope for that thing. It’s just too far off now, or perhaps “too childish.”

But the longing is there. It is truth. Just silenced.

We hope to become wealthy so we play the lottery or hope to strike a jackpot at a slot machine in Vegas. Maybe we hope that we get a large promotion so our families will be taken care of from now on. Perhaps we hope that the right person will cross our path and lead us to the big break we always wanted. Or maybe we even hope that we will run into the person of our dreams while sitting at home, browsing the internet.

But what have we done with this hope?

If faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Then, this hope, or this faith, needs a little help to allow it to be so.

Hope is something that we know to be true but does not exist yet. Isn’t it, then, ok, to cause its existence? Perhaps, more than ok? But necessary?

This “hope,” then, may evolve to: Dedicating oneself to a craft and after several failures over time, finding success and becoming wealthy. Creating a place of refuge for your family through dedication to hard work and love. Networking, putting ourselves out there and creating opportunities until people know who you are and what you have to offer, seeking you out. Going out and living life to the fullest, being confident in who you are and run into somebody else dong something similar and fall in love.

What is hope if we have not put forth action behind it? It’s merely just a thought, one might reason.

Truly, we are capable of more.

Is your heart sick? Or are you doing something with your Hope?

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