Is chaos limiting your action?

It seems nearly impossible to avoid the dissension and discourse within America these days. Whether it’s arguing over politics or which lives matter, its no secret that things feel tense.

More recently I’ve been pretty side-tracked by all of these things. I’m a naturally passionate person. I tend to be most passionate about life, equality and love. And when you constantly hear about everything but, I can’t help but get fired up and ready to start a revolution.

Luckily, before I did anything too crazy, I had a moment.

2 things happened yesterday.

  1. I stumbled upon an article about all of this “chaos” and it gave a fresh perspective of reality vs what we are constantly overwhelmed with via TV and Social Media. Of course we feel discourse. That’s all everybody is talking about. But factually, our world is not in the worst place it has ever been. Specifically, America, is not doing too shabby, either. Sure, there is plenty to work on and improve, per usual. But we have overcome a recession, wars and several equal rights obstacles in just the past decade.
  2. I posted about my obsession and how it has temporarily taken me away from my personal endeavors (More Than Dreamers) and somebody commented on how I shouldn’t stop or lose focus because I am a positive voice that others need to hear.

Those two things kind of woke me up a bit.

I have goals. Goals for 2016. And I hope you do too. If I were to spend the rest of the year obsessing over politics, I am not going to achieve those goals.

Not only that, but when 2017 hits and I realize that I personally made no impact, but merely debated with people about an outcome that I have little impact on its probability, I know I will be pretty upset with myself. I’ll know that I wasted precious time that I will never get back.

To simplify, and at the risk of sounding cliche, I need to focus on the things I can control.

I can control my destiny. I can control where I invest my time and the relationships I choose to cultivate. I’m not cultivating anything but frustration when I am ranting about what presidential candidate is more crazy than the other.

And after I’ve submitted my ballot in November (because I CAN control that part) when whomever is finally in office in January, I won’t be blaming anybody else regarding where I am presently at with achieving my dream status. And I’ll feel good knowing that I helped others get to theirs too. And hopefully, together, we didn’t completely lose our minds in the process.

The media is all about feeding fear. It’s how they keep us engaged in their content. I am NOT saying to choose ignorance. Be educated, from several sources, not just mainstream ones. But do not let it paralyze you. When we do, we prove their theories correct, rather than choosing to live out our own. Help where you can. Support where necessary. But also…

live your life.

So what are you working on? A book? A screenplay? Producing a new album? A new fashion design? How’s your progress? Do you feel stuck? Ask for help. Reach out to others. Let’s change the dialogue. We will set the tone. Let’s focus on progress and accomplishments. And for the things that still need some work, let’s stop talking about it take some action.

Here are a few people I know who are in the middle of taking action. They are a great resource if you need some encouragement and direction.

Noel: Production Designer and Humanitarian –
Josh: Insightful Individual and Coffee Connoisseur –
Lisa: Writer/Producer/Director and Human Rights Activist –
Brandon: Bearded Man and Financial Guru:
Ariel: Fashion Design and Life Lover –
Danette: Wedding Photographer and World Traveler –



I’d love to add your name. Reach out. Leave a comment. Let’s grow.

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