How the teasing comb stole my life.

Big Hair, we assign the weight to things in our lives, big hair singing into microphone, Never silence band

Way back in my Rockstar days, there was this really popular thing called Myspace. It was the much cooler version of Facebook. In 2007, if you navigated to MySpace and stumbled upon my unique profile, you would find a picture of a little Dominiqueee with huge scene hair and a motto that read my top 3 priorities: Jesus, Rock & Roll and Big Hair. In that order. And I meant it. Those were the things in which I gave all of my spare time. You might be asking about the Big Hair part and how much time could I really give to my hair…hours. I invested hours each day into my hair. I had a 9 step-process. I’m not exaggerating. I broke down the process into 9 steps so I could share with others when they asked. When I wasn’t teasing my hair or having it dyed different colors, I was going to school for ministry or I was playing drums in my band. Hours of each day of my life broken up into chunks and given to these 3 areas. For some reason, I felt that my hair reputation was worth hours daily. Today, I wish I could have some of those hours back. Why? Because that’s not where I choose to invest the most precious resource on Earth. I mean, it’s still important that I have good looking hair, but not to the point that I sacrifice other important priorities such as working out or writing for my blog.

Moments, events or things in our lives (in my case, my hair) have as much weight as we assign to them. You read that right. We assign the weight. The good moments and the bad moments. Proud moments of accomplishment and even the angry moments when somebody cuts us off in traffic. We decide and assign the weight we feel each of these moments deserve.

This works cumulatively as well, with our entire lives. We assign our lives as much purpose as we choose. It’s our decision, how we want to spend it, what we want to do with it, and how we make it our own.

One last thought. Sometimes we don’t always see or believe the true value or moments of our lives or even that we have things to offer this world. We’ve all been there at one time or another. It’s inevitable that others around us may feel that way at times as well. Let’s encourage one another in those moments. Let’s remind others that they do have value to add. Remind them that they have significant purpose. And let’s believe and support alongside them that they will discover the tools that they need to do the things they set out to do.

And step away from the teasing comb.

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