Do it when you feel inspired, but also, do it when you don’t.

I know often you might hear me saying, “Take action,” “Just do it,” or even, “Let’s change the world! You only have one life!”

But there are definitely times where I am NOT inspired to take action. Like yesterday, I spent more than half of my day off playing Black Ops III. And it was fun. And sometimes, that is ok. But, I can’t spend half of my day EVERY day playing Black Ops, as much as I would want to.

We are not always going to be inspired and motivated to wake up and change the world. My friend, Amanda, has a joke that she imagines me waking up like some Disney character, ready to greet the world with love and ready to take on everything.

But that’s definitely not real life. Today, I snoozed 3 times. Had a coughing fit (because I’m pretty sure I have a cold coming on), sent my dogs outside to go potty, rescued a cat from hiding under the bed, started making my coffee and then searched all over my house in my underwear for my computer charger (which I still haven’t found, so I’m currently borrowing one at the moment).

Truly, there is always something. Obstacles to keep us from moving forward. Sometimes we feel like Clint Eastwood, we threaten and attack those obstacles, “Go ahead, make my day.” But most of the time, it will just feel like exactly what it is, another hurdle. Like, waking up at 8AM, even though I don’t work until 12PM and I am exhausted because 4th of July celebrations yesterday (‘Merica!).

This is real life. Obstacle after obstacle. Choosing to overcome or to not. I could have stayed in bed. But when I want to stay in bed most days, and if I always did what I want, nothing productive would ever get done.

So here I am. In spite of my grogginess and potential onset of bronchitis, I am investing my time into the thing that I believe in most. Because I believe it deserves it, even when I don’t feel like it.

Take action, even when you don’t feel like it.

What is something you struggle to find inspiration in doing? Do you have a remedy to find inspiration? How do you motivate yourself to remain committed to a cause? Share in the comments below.

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