dominique full bio

I’m a small human. Truly, only a stature of 5’1”. I eat a lot of burritos. Coincidentally, I exercise a lot. By age, I’m considered an adult; however, I haven’t quite convinced myself of it yet. I think a lot. I am the friend who doesn’t know how to whisper, and I know it. I am fairly even tempered, no low lows or high highs. Actually, most of the time, I am on the high. I’ve been told I’m positive to fault, potentially even naive. But I don’t let those nay-sayers get me down. I forget…a lot. I like to attribute my positive attitude to my forgetfulness. Anger or pain only last as long as my memories, then it’s on to the next challenge.

In short, I’m just like you. I have animals, family, bills and a day job.

There’s a lot that I don’t know. But I have one insatiable conviction; to help others achieve their destiny. To be a believer in others when no else will. To be the one who is crazy enough to believe in your insane ideas with you and encourage you to go after it. With everything that you have. because…well…who really wants to get to the end of their life and think, “I guess I got through it. I survived.” No. We need to live and we have ONE shot. So let’s do it. Together.