I’m a big talker. Not like I only talk and don’t do, but mostly, I’m not much of a small talker. I enjoy deep and meaningful discussions. But before you go and start thinking I take myself too seriously, I am not above a conversation about a great burrito or even finding out your favorite location to acquire freshly fried potatoes of any kind…or even about a guilty pleasure of mine which is dipping Mcdonald’s French fries into a Taco Bell bean and cheese burrito. But I digress.

I asked some friends to describe me. They said some overly pleasant things like, “She supports, challenges and develops all of those around her. She stays true to what she believes but is open to hear and learn other people’s perspectives.” Or “{dominique} does a great job at being non-judgemental of people’s drawbacks or shortcomings, but rather seeks to help when {she} sees an opportunity.” And lastly, “She has the ability to see both sides of the coin even when she doesn’t agree.” Disgustingly nice, I know. But there was a pretty clear theme here, which I became nerdily excited about. Mostly because I thrive on being intentional about that theme. Seeing life from the perspective of others and trying hard to understand, then support them is just that. But listen, I still fail at it…a lot.

The reason that seeing from the perspective of others and searching for understanding is so important to me is because I’ve been in plenty of situations in my life where I have feared the consequences and judgement of others for my decisions and actions. Rather than allowing this fear to paralyze and keep us from forward progress and action, I believe in hearing out and loving others through difficult seasons. I allowed this fear to paralyze me and hold me back from, not only pursuing my dreams, but also being my authentic self for years. Nobody should waste another day of their life in that place, myself included. Life is here and now. And we have one chance to live it.

So I am here to help others live it to the fullest. I’m deeply passionate about that fact. As my friend Drew would say, “You always bring your full emotion to the table. You celebrate loud. You get frustrated loud. You care and help people in a loud way.” That…and I just don’t think I ever learned how to whisper.

Outside of being a huge productivity nerd, I do a lot of random things like play the drums, or wake up and decide to paint my truck black and then do it, or even running half marathons and Spartan races. And even just writing both run-on and incomplete sentences. Over-achiever to the core. I’m still trying to hack the whole, “drink lots of wine while simultaneously being productive” thing, but I haven’t quite found it yet. Lucky for you, I like to share. So when I figure it out, you’ll be the 1st to know! Until then, let’s connect! Let’s grow together!