I’m a small human. Truly, only a stature of 5’1”. I eat a lot of burritos. Coincidentally, I exercise a lot. I believe in living our lives to the fullest but not taking ourselves too seriously. I think a lot. I am the friend who doesn’t know how to whisper, and I know it (don’t take me to a movie theater). I’m probably one of the most positive thinkers you will meet. It doesn’t come naturally. It’s a choice. Pairing intentional courage with believing in achieving the outrageous has allowed me to live a life of passion and find a decent level of success while doing it. I want nothing less than to help others do the same.

In short, I’m just like you. I love my animals, family and even…*gasp* my day job.

Although there’s plenty that I don’t know, I am tremendously passionate about developing our unique talents and have one insatiable conviction; to help others achieve their destiny. To be a believer in others when no else will. To be the one who is crazy enough to believe in your insane ideas with you and encourage you to go after it. Because I’ve lived through plenty of seasons without that type of encouragement. Seasons where I’ve lacked purpose and direction. Dark seasons where I felt like a failure and forgot who I was. They were lies that I told myself. I’ve discovered most of us who are human do that. I’m here to remind others that we don’t need to listen to those lies. Rather, we need to hear and believe in a new truth. Our truth. The one we will create for our own lives and then live it out.

This is where I have dedicated myself, to my life’s work of service to others in discovering and attaining true fulfillment for their lives. I’ve invested nearly a decade at my incredible day job where I oversee Talent Development for a Fortune 500 company. In my spare time I invest in my own personal development through reading, listening to podcasts, traveling and becoming a certified Life Coach.

And when I’m not doing any of those things, I’m probably taking pictures, drinking coffee, eating French fries or drinking wine and laughing with good friends. Because we only live once and I’m determined to enjoy every moment of it.