3 Reasons why it’s time to be Millennial-Friendly.

If you haven’t yet noticed, there are a lot of young hipsters waiting to rule the world.

Being on the early-end of the millennial generation, there’s something within in me that refuses to self-identify with this group. But the truth is, I am part of it. A lot of us are. Regardless, of my own personal bias, 22-year old Dominique was absolutely what we would consider a millennial stereotype by today’s standards.

Luckily, I had some incredible people present in my life to get me through my wandering season.

If you aren’t on board yet with the millennials gearing up to take over the world, hopefully your mind will be changed by the time you get through this post. Here’s why we need to stop bemoaning this young group and start supporting them in their endeavors.

They are the smartest group of people to exist.
Hear me out on this one. Step back. Push your “but their a bunch of immature adolescents” stereotype aside and listen.

Think about it. The millennials grew up with something most of us have not. The internet and modern technology. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is available to these young people at their fingertips in nano-seconds. Smart phones have replaced the need for a college education. (Whoa, I’m getting a bit progressive here, I know.) Blogs, YouTube, Online Workshops and Courses, Development in Niche markets without wasting time to learn a bunch of other crap you will never use again; it all makes up for endless possibilities when it comes to discovering a talent and learning all that there is to know. Now, they have to be willing to put forth the effort (more to come on that).

Even if these young people don’t know something, they know how to get the information and fast. Generally before most of us do.

They think differently. They don’t want to look at the world the same way that we have. They want partnership and camaraderie, not competition.

We need them.
Yes. We do. They are the future. They want what’s next and they know what they want. We don’t. We have no clue what they want. Basically, they are that family member that you have to buy a birthday gift for but has everything. We need them to see what’s ahead. We need to figure out exactly what it is that appeals to them and establish a new framework from that.

They need us.
Regardless of whether they know it or not, it’s true.
They are dreamers, but often without ambition. They know what they want but they don’t always know how. They have knowledge and desire but not experience. They need direction. But most of us are over waiting to prove ourselves correct that they either fail or never get started. They can sense our disbelief. Sure they believe in themselves, but that added layer of support is invaluable. Do you remember when you were young and sat face to face with somebody older that you greatly respected and admired? Do you remember when they believed in you? It made all the difference.

So let’s be that. Let’s push our egos aside and see what these young people are able to do. I have a feeling it’s going to be incredible. We can either be with them or against them. I’d rather be a part of pushing the world forward than trying to force it to remain the same.

How about you?

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