2017 is still ours.

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It’s the middle of June.

Coincidentally, it’s also the middle of 2017.

I’m not sure about you but I set some pretty lofty goals for this year. Mid-year point is the perfect time to pause, evaluate and reset.

In looking back, I went pretty strong January through April. May was a nice month of relaxation, which was truly needed. Then June hit.

The storm.

An eruption of chaos and destruction. Almost perfect timing to derail me for the rest of the year. To push my goals aside and allow family drama, family attacks and family sickness to completely deter me.

I’ve taken nearly the entire month of June off of everything (other than work), to think and process and muster up the courage to continue moving forward. This summer heat surely doesn’t help. Forcing myself out of bed early in the morning to get my workouts in has been beyond difficult. I want sleep. I want peace. I want justice.

I’ve been having dreams about an old friendship that left me broken. My heart, it’s just trying to stay together.

The only thing that seems to keep me sane is supporting others wherever I can. It’s what brings meaning to my soul. Listening to and supporting the ambitions of others. Convincing them they are worth it and more than capable of pursuing their heart’s desires.

After more than enough of being distracted by feeling sorry for myself, all I can envision is me standing inside of an empty white walled room, with markers in hand, ready to draft new plans. An idea room.

I’m thinking at some point, I would like to make that a reality. No distractions. Just freedom of thought. For now, giant post-it easel pads will have to do (thank you, Amazon Prime).

The thing is, I can totally stay here. In this place of pain, drink coffee & eat burritos while waiting for my head to clear. But I need to make a choice.

The choice to continue on, to draft out the details of my next move, to decide that onward is what will be worth it. Because looking back later, I know I will be upset at myself for stalling out. Like that one 4 year season before. Never again.

What about you? Do you need to lock yourself in a room and allow yourself to dream again? More than Dream; plan and execute.

We’re not done yet. We’ve got 6 months left of this year. Plenty of time to acquire all of the things we initially set out to accomplish.

So, how might you do that? What will it take? What will it require of you? How much time are you willing to give it? How much focus does it deserve?

You can do it. We both can. I believe in you. I’m also going to choose to believe that you believe in me too.

Time to break open those markers…

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