It’s November – almost Thanksgiving. It’s the natural time to begin talking about gratitude. It shouldn’t be. Gratitude is something that keeps us grounded as individuals. Especially for those of us who are labeled as “dreamers.”

Dreamers are often associated with being disenfranchised and ungrateful. Always dreaming of what they don’t have or has yet to be attained. That’s a perception we all want to stay far away from.

Gratitude helps us with acceptance of failure. And failure is important. It means we are trying and learning. If we are grateful for each mishap, it gets us closer to less mishaps in the future. It means we are closer to achieving our dreams. It means we were brave and took risks. We can’t afford to become calloused and disillusioned to failures.

That’s when we stop. It’s when there is no more desire to push forward. To challenge the status quo.

So let’s be grateful. Not just for our failures. But for where we are at right now. For the place you are sitting in, reading this. It’s probably a warm place providing you shelter from the elements. It could be a place where you are also surrounded by loved ones (humans and fur-babies included). It could be on a device that gets you instant access to information from all around the world and connect you with people thousands of miles away. It could be at a computer desk in an office where you are paid living wage to pursue a life that matters.

So what matters to you? It’s ok to remind yourself of the answer routinely.

Keep it simple. Keep life in perspective. Love where you are at. It will only allow everything else to be all the more sweet.